About Sterling Terraces


Welcome to the Official Website of the Sterling Terraces Owners Welfare Association (STOA),
formed by the owners of 288 apartments in a complex titled “Sterling Terraces”, Located at No: 3, 100 Feet Ring Road, Opposite ICICI bank, Banashankari III Stage, Bengaluru - 560085. The property was developed by Sterling Developers Pvt Ltd, one of Bangalore's premier real estate developers which is existing in the city since 1983. They are in the business of making luxury apartments and villas. Sterling Developers has built a dedicated reputation for quality. Their focus on quality, the company claims, represents a far-reaching vision that shines through every Sterling property.



  • To evolve and maintain a code of conduct which is primarily based on the following guiding principles:-
    • Protecting grace and serenity of the premises.
    • Protecting privacy of the residents.
    • Maintaining the club house and the common areas in the best possible condition.
    • Ensuring equal right and opportunity for all apartment owners.
    • Ensuring security of the premises from all threats.
    • Promoting harmony amongst the residents.
  • To promote common interest, well-being and welfare of the apartment owners, encourage mutual help and comradeship among them with co-operative principles.
  • To encourage advancement of social welfare ideas, mutual assistance, protection of interests of members, education, safety and health of the members.
  • To function in a transparent, democratic and equitable manner and maintain absolute integrity at all times.
  • To set an example for the entire neighborhood through excellence & passion in everything we do in Sterling Terraces.
  • Take up challenges in the form of reviving and/or maintaining various systems like fire-fighting, water supply, electricity, proper accounts, garbage disposal, seepage, parking and many more.
  • Aim to provide best services in a cost effective and professional manner.
  • Pledge to ensure we make Sterling Terraces a preferred destination to call a home and ensure all residents get the best of the services &the most congenial environment to live together as a family.


  • To manage, maintain, administer and regulate the common areas and facilities as custodian, to the advantage and benefit of all apartment owners and bonafide residents authorized by the apartment owners.
  • To provide for regular up-keep, maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas and facilities as custodian, through monthly maintenance charges, collected from the apartment owners on a quarterly basis and also from bonafide residents authorized by the apartment owners.
  • To establish and carry on educational, social, cultural, recreational and other constructive activities for the benefit of the apartment owners and bonafide residents authorized by the apartment owners and also for the benefit of the general public.
  • To undertake such activities as may be necessary and expedient to the objects of the Association as per the laws and bye-laws.
  • To prescribe and enforce the laws and bye-laws, uniformly to common advantage of all apartment owners and bonafide residents authorized by the apartment owners.
  • To generally look after and be responsible, as a custodian of common areas and common interest of the Association, safeguarding, protecting and promoting the said custodial rights and well-being of the apartment owners, and enforcing their respective obligations to each other and also towards the Association.
  • To build up the reserves of the Association by judicious and economical expenditure every month To create and maintain additional fund/s, viz. Sinking Fund, Contingency fund, Building fund, Legal fund as may be required for the benefit of the Association.



The Sterling Terraces has a Club House, which offers the following facilities or amenities

Club house

Swimming Pool

Play areas

Jogging track

Table tennis



Snooker room

Water fountain


Basket Ball



Party Hall

Cultural events


The STOA has been traditionally organizing the celebrations on various occasions like Ganesha festival, Christmas, New Year, Rajyothsava Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, DandiaRaas, etc. Other cultural programmes like Annual sport events, Sterling Santhe, Gazal night, talk shows, etc. have also been organized. As part of the cultural activities, a news magazine titled “Sterling News” has also been launched recently.


our services


  • Provide security services to the entire apartment complex, during day as well as night and ensure a safe and secure environment to members of the community.
  • Provide housekeeping services to ensure all common areas are kept clean and hygienic and both dry and wet garbage from apartments are disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Provide plumbing services to ensure that drinking water supply is maintained,problems relating to see pages in the common areas are resolved and assist residents in resolving minor plumbing/seepage related issues.
  • Provide electrical services to ensure that all the electrical equipment in the complex are maintained and run properly to ensure continued electric supply, to maintain all electrical fixtures (in the garden, staircases, basement, driveway, etc.) and attend to and resolve minor electrical problems in residences.
  • Provide technical services to maintain the STP and resolve all sewage related issues, including recycling of the STP water for usage in toilets and for the gardens.
  • Ensure maintenance of the Lifts in all the buildings/club house.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of all the facilities in the Club House.
  • Provide gardening services to ensure that the gardens are maintained in good condition.
  • To run an Organic Waste Convertor so that the wet waste generated in the apartments are converted into manure.
  • The services of a Facility Manager and an Assistant Manager to supervise and coordinate all services and run the administration of the STOA including its financial obligations.
  • The services of a Help Desk for attending to complaints from residents.

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Management Committee Members


Sl. No Name Position
1 Mr. Seshadri President
2 Mr. Suneel Puranik Vice President
3 Mr. Madhusudan Murthy Secretary
4 Mr. S.N.Srinivasan Jt Secretary
5 Mr. Puneeth Upadhyaya Treasurer
6 Mr. Inbalathan Kuppuswamy (Babu) Member
7 Mr. Nanjunda Mathur Member
8 Mrs. Uma Peddamatham Member
9 Mrs. Chandrika Member
10 Mr. Indra Kumar Member
11 Mr. Avinandan Member
12 Mr. Srinivas Sharma Member
13 Mrs. Priya Bhargava Member
14 Mr. Mukundan Member
15 Mr. Sundar Krishnaswamy Member
16 Mr. Gurudath Gopalakrishna Member
17 Mr. H. Shivashankar Member
18 Mr. Sitesh Parikh Member
19 Mr. Manohar Patil Member
20 Mr. Ashwin Member

Sterling Terraces

Mr. Channabasappa
Estate Manager, STOA

#3, 100 Feet Road ,
Banashankari 3rd Stage
BENGALURU - 560085

  ( 080 ) - 40900542  info@sterlingterraces.in